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Who We Support

IT IS AN EXCITING TIME in the evolution of Tibetan Buddhism. Esteemed lamas and rinpoches travel across the globe, offering teachings and giving empowerments, helping us build a strong base of experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. Tibetan Buddhist gompas and retreat centers are being built in countless cities and towns throughout the West.

Along with this burgeoning interest in Vajrayana, it is time for us to consider the keystone of traditional Buddhism: monastic life. After all, it is in the monasteries of Asia that the deep foundation of Buddhist wisdom has been kept alive for well over a thousand years. As Buddhism takes root outside of traditional Buddhist terrain, the responsibility falls to us to make ready and begin establishing the bedrock of monastic life right here, far from Buddhism’s original home.

WE ENVISION a growing network of western Tibetan nuns and their supporters, linked by a common desire to see women thrive in monastic life, be they in an established monastery, part of an informal sangha, or living as a solitary renunciate.

OUR MISSION at Pajapati Foundation is two-fold: to raise awareness about the importance of monastic life in Tibetan Buddhism, and to directly support the dedicated women who have chosen this most sacred path. The funds we raise go directly to support them.

Help us support and sustain these pioneering women by taking one (or all) of these important steps:

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Many thanks and Tashi Delek!

The most important thing is that in this day and age, women monastics are indispensable for upholding the Buddha’s teachings.
— the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa